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Reach hundreds of qualified prospects online
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  • Buyers are savvier today.

    They are researching you and your company. It’s time to meet them where they are…online.

  • Save time, energy and money using online technologies to prospect.

    It’s never been easier to reach hundreds, even thousands, of people with one message.

  • Cold calling is just rude!

    Buyers are busy and detest interruptions. Not the best way to start a relationship.

  • Beware of “online experts” who have never been in sales.

    Prospecting for sales is not like prospecting for business.

Find Out How You Can Start Reaching hundreds of qualified prospects.

My Fans

Merci Miglino

I have experienced Teresa’s robust knowledge of sales as I worked with her at an international online learning training program. There is no better person to support you in growing your online business.  Her tips have helped me especially in promoting my coach credential prep online course. And it has paid off in enrollments!

Anu Morgan

Teresa is amazing at her craft of marketing and sales! Her enthusiasm is contagious as it motivates you to change your gameplan to a much more effective, planned out solution that will deliver results! I look forward to consulting with her in the future for more of her brilliant advice.

Rina Lang

Ever since I began working with Teresa on my marketing and sales strategy, things took off for me. Teresa has been an incredible sounding board of advice. She has helped me think through different aspects of my business and has coached me through my sales approach, which gave me a lot more clarity and skill. Every coaching session with her has allowed me to work through barriers and limitations and has helped me take my business in the direction I envisioned it to go. Thank you for all the help and guidance, Teresa!

Georgiann Lymberopoulos

Teresa Paul is that coach you can’t believe you found! As soon as you begin working with her—you know you’re in the right place with the right person to help you learn and succeed.  Her wealth of knowledge is a gift to all of us! Teresa always comes up with a game plan—to perfect “your” game plan. And there’s a sound reason behind every activity/call you make—all to bring you success. It’s a win-win for your client—and for you! Teresa was my mentor as I began my career into the TV Sales business. I am so grateful for her coaching—to show me and explain what works and why. Teresa’s work ethic and integrity to serve others is like no other. This job is a joy because you get to help others be successful. Listen to her—trust her—and you’ll be on your way to learning and loving every step of the way.

Dana Iliescu

I have been working with Teresa for over a year now and she has been an invaluable asset for growing my online business. She brings to the table a unique mix of in-depth knowledge coupled with energy and sense of humor. Thank you for believing in my business at times when I found it difficult to, and for not letting me quit when quitting would have been easier.

Your best prospects are searching for you right now!

What will they find?

94% of buyers

use the internet to conduct their own research before making purchases.

53% of B2B buyers

turn to social media to make buying decisions.

Those you seek out are actually seeking you!

(data courtesy of

Sales Pros: You’re boring online and it’s costing you money!

95% of the social media profiles I see suck! They lack clarity and focus. They fail to hit me in the face with any reason to do business with them. And once you lose me online, you’ve lost me forever!

Your next great client could be searching online for you right now. What will they find?

Social media has become a gold mine for prospecting…IF you know how to use it. (It can be soul sucking if you don’t!)

For B2B Sales, with 900 million members, LinkedIn is king! Unlike other social media sites, 39% of LinkedIn users actually pay for upgraded access.

As a sales professional, you have an opportunity to showcase your unique strengths, and brag about your results.

If you have tried LinkedIn, but it hasn’t worked for you, it may be that your profile sucks and that you don’t engage correctly with potential prospects.

As a sales professional, you need to use LinkedIn slightly differently than others. This is not the place for you to sell your company or your services. LinkedIn is a place to sell yourself. Think about how many other sales reps are selling what you sell. A dozen? A hundred? A thousand? More? This is your chance to show your prospects why you are the best choice!

In a marketplace with thousands of competing salespeople, you must stand out…BIG! And LinkedIn is just the beginning.

This is where I come in. Not to brag, but I’m pretty great at showcasing sales professionals online.

If your online image sucks, contact me now to fix it.

Why Online?

Because 97% of your potential prospects are not ready to buy…YET!

They are online searching and researching you, your company and your services. The Buyers Pyramid shows us a snapshot of your market at any given time.

Most salespeople only target the top 3% of their market, people who are ready to buy. There are a few problems with only prospecting the “low hanging fruit.”

  • First, every one of your competitors is targeting the same 3%.
  • Second, you completely miss 97% of potential clients.
  • Finally, it’s a short-term strategy that keeps you scrambling for new clients.

I’m not saying you should ignore the “low hanging fruit,” I am suggesting having a strategy for the other 97% of your potential clients.

Targeting the “not yet ready to buy” crowd takes time and patience. But if you do it consistently, it pays off big. Here’s how.

When you target prospects not yet ready to buy, you begin to plant seeds about you, your products and services. As prospects get more interested, they move up the pyramid, and you continue to nurture them.

Now, here’s the best part, by the time they reach the top and are ready to buy, they are already familiar with you, your company and what you have to offer. This dramatically increases the odds they will buy from you. Your competition doesn’t stand a chance!

If you have an online strategy, you can target hundreds of prospects at once with one message.

Want more qualified prospects?

Why Me?

It’s not about your company.

It’s not about what you sell.

Creating a presence and prospecting online is about being real. It’s about being authentic. It’s about being genuine.

If you want to rise above the clutter, the noise, the chaos online, you have to show up fully and truthfully as you.

And, while it may be hard for you to pin point your strength, your genius, your superpower…

It’s easy for me.

I see your genius and I can help you articulate it and express it to the world so that your best prospects, your next best clients, connect with you, relate to you and want to do business with you.

That’s my superpower.

If you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone and take your career to the next level, then you should call me because that’s what I do. I turn sales professionals into Sales Superstars!

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